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Feature #7 describes a couple glass related features that are quite consistent in machine-made bottles, but not diagnostic, i.e., mouth-blown bottles may sometimes have few/no bubbles in the glass and even thickness.If you oppose any of the material, tone, or philosophy behind anything found within the Terms of Use, please do not become a member.*Definitions: (a) Members and/or subscribers will be referred to as "Users", (b) Your user account will be referred to as "Account", (c) website where's services (Services) will be rendered will be referred to as "Website." 1.General Machine-made Diagnostic Features: Machine-made bottles will exhibit most or all of the diagnostic characteristics explained and illustrated below.(This summary is largely an amalgam of Toulouse 1969b; Miller & Sullivan 1981; Jones & Sullivan 1989; Boow 1991; Cable 1999; Miller & Mc Nichol 2002; Miller & Morin 2004; empirical observations.) It should be noted that features #1, #3, #4, #5, and #6 are primary indicators of machine-made manufacture.

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One of the most frequently asked questions about old bottles is, 'How old is this bottle?

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