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Schmidt has rubbished the “don’t be evil” motto, saying that when he joined the company in 2001 he thought it was the “stupidest rule ever”.Google's chairman Eric Schmidt has a new girlfriend, who's just like all his other girlfriends.Mr Schmidt declined to comment on any specific case, but was due to meet Samsung’s mobile chief JK Shin later today.The South Korean giant uses Google’s Android platform on its smartphones and tablets. Representatives from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other major tech firms say their industry stands to lose a fortune as international customers flee American technology companies over concerns that their data is being siphoned off carte blanche and analyzed by American intelligence officials.'Because what's going to happen is, governments will do bad laws of one kind or another, and they are eventually going to say, "We want our own Internet in our country because we want it to work our way, right?

The Silicon Valley boss went on to suggest that Google would not turn down the opportunity to draw on the big savings allowed under the law in the countries it operates in: “It’s called capitalism. I’m not confused about this.”He also ruled out following Starbucks in voluntarily handing more money over to the UK Government.“There are lots of benefits to [being in Britain],” he said.“It's very good for us, but to go back to shareholders and say, 'We looked at 200 countries but felt sorry for those British people so we want to [pay them more]', there is probably some law against doing that.”Mr Schmidt’s defiant stance is unlikely to find favour on either side of the Atlantic with both the American and European Governments searching to find ways of forcing “stateless” internet companies such as Google to pay more tax.

Sen Wyden, an Oregon Democrat, has been an outspoken critic of the NSA's spying practices and has stepped up his criticism ever since former NSA contractor Edward Snowden leaked a drove of top-secret documents.

As an intern at Bell Labs, Schmidt did a complete re-write of Lex, a software program to generate lexical analysers for the UNIX computer operating system.

Now Brittin’s superior, Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt, will meet David Cameron on Monday. The panel, set up in 2010, offers “high-level advice on critical business and economic issues facing the country”.

Let’s hope those issues include the immoral practices of the world’s biggest search engine.

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Also in today's Valleywag roundup: Wikipedia's co-founder is burning through his money fast and Twitter will now take bribes for access to the top of your stream.

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