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Unlikely duos, college shenanigans, and secrets: All elements of a classic, coming-of-age dramedy. Ophelia may be an anarchist drug dealer, but she’s also the campus tutor.Jules exudes school spirit and good behavior, yet moonlights as a vigilante.Tyler dishes about his first role (this is his TV debut!), his Latino culture, and the interesting choice of stars he’d like to work with. Tell us a little bit more about is about a girl named Emma who moves to a new town and then she discovers she’s a witch with magical powers.Imagine a picturesque college campus, complete with stately sorority houses and a lush quad.One of these sororities is home to Jules (Eliza Bennett), a timid blonde with a penchant for pearls.Would we have married later had attitudes toward sex been different? She then completed her BA and MA degrees and had a very successful career.

These girls exist in opposite realms of their university’s social strata, yet bond over a furtive mission.

In Season 3, a mysterious girl named Mia enters into the picture with her own plans - what special interest does she have in store for Emma and her friends?

The third season also played the Emma-Daniel-Jax love triangle Up to Eleven.

The reader writes: My wife and I were born the same year during the Great Depression. We are still married and very much loving partners.

Even though intercourse has gradually gone away, intimacy hasn't. I remember being refused condoms when I tried to buy them at the small town drug store where my college was located. Like many in her generation, my wife stayed home with the kids till the last one was in school.

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It just so happens the other girl also finds out she’s a witch and they’re also kind of competing, and the mean girl can steal the good girl's powers so it’s kind of a fight for the boy and the magic.

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