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IODOSORB is effective at treating infection and preparing the wound bed to heal, in highly exuding chronic wounds.Odour Control Properties Odour is generated by wounds which are infected and heavily colonised by both anaerobic and aerobic bacteria.Flivasorb® and Flivasorb® Adhesive are superabsorbent dressings particularly suited to wounds that are exuding heavily.This ‘how to’ guide focuses on how Flivasorb and Flivasorb Adhesive work and are beneficial in such patients. Exudate is derived from the fluid that has leaked from capillaries into body tissues around the wound.This review gives a brief overview about the introduction and developments of polymers in medicine in general, addressing first stable polymers, then polymers with degradability as a first biological function, followed by various other functional and responsive polymers.

IODOSORB removes barriers to healing by its dual action antimicrobial and desloughing properties.

In this article, the practical aspects of using this framework are discussed.

The formation of a healthy wound bed is a prerequisite to the use of many of today's advanced wound care products.

It is capable of deactivating and preventing the appearance of biofilms, exhibits anti-inflammatory properties and promotes re-epithelialisation of wounds. The source material that produces colophony is not the same as that which produces Abilar. The frequency of application may be high at the beginning of treatment, in line with the need to change dressings often but will reduce as the wound comes under control and exudate production reduces. In other words, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it enhances the wound healing strongly in the inflammatory stage. In addition to the antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects, Abilar strongly enhances the epithelialization. Over a period of 3 or more years this resin seals the tree wound. This is done by a patented method at low temperature which prevents the production of potentially hazardous tars. Abilar contains a mixture of 10% resin salve combined with a standard pharmaceutical ointment which has been designed to mimic the consistency of the traditional home-made product which was mixed with butter or lard. The use of Abilar can enable clinicians to make significant savings on their wound care cost by: A. Apply Abilar on the suture line and cover it with an appropriate dressing. Many of the patients have achieved full resolution of their wounds with no reported side effects. In the case that the wound extends to bone or tendon, consult your physician. Abilar has been directly applied to Sorbact dressings which are designed to help reduce exudate.

Rosin (colophony) is manufactured from liquid sap resin which is heated in its production process. Abilar is not labelled as being "sterile" in that it has not undergone any external sterilisation process. The effect on hypergranulation has not been studied so far. Children's wounds tend to heal without the need to resort to antimicrobial products. Tests have shown that the pharmaceutically prepared form of the product exhibits all the efficacy of the home-made version. Abilar can be used as a primary dressing on many types of infected or uninfected wounds. If no additional treatment is required, Abilar can be applied on bone. There have been no reports of interactions between Abilar and Sorbact. Abilar has been in everyday use in over 100 hospitals in Finland since 2008 with over 350,000 tubes consumed during that time. Given that the average wound will require 0.4g of Abilar per day then the daily cost will equate to 16 pence per treatment day. Initially Abilar will be available from certain wholesalers or direct from Espère Healthcare by telephoning 01462 346100.

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Chronic wounds present many challenges to the nurse and patient.

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