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So one day, just by accident, they run into each other on the street, their eyes and strategic goals meet and – boom – happily ever after. Like in dating between us human beings, the way to the altar with corporate-startup relationships usually involves some additional steps.A lot of energy, time and money can be wasted on kissing frogs until the right prince is found.Actually, when the topic of corporate-startup collaboration was raised at a roundtable session at the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium in London a couple of weeks ago, there seemed to be a striking resemblance between the experiences shared around the table and the dating world.Hence, I decided to try to package them to a neat list of dating advice for startups dealing with corporations.It is the oldest shrine in Helsinki, dating back to the 17th century.Once fully developed, Östersundom will have all essential public and private services.

Customers are advised to contact the laboratory before sampling.

Anyone wishing to learn more about Finland’s history or culture should definitely visit the main building of the National Gallery.

It contains thousands of paintings and works of art by Finnish artists in a beautiful Victorian building.

As more and more people are including a visit to Helsinki on their bucket list, they are discovering more to see and do in the city.

These are some of the best attractions and things to see on a trip to Helsinki: Towering over the city are the huge white towers of the Lutheran Cathedral, the icon of the city which features on practically all of its advertising and merchandise.

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The corporate reps told us that it is impossible for them to validate all startups out there on their own, so they often opt to use these programs (or intermediaries like us*) for pre-validation and cherry-picking.

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