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The bottom portion of the picture (approx 1/8th of the picture) from the bottom. I very much want to have this restored and be able to make copies for the family, and before it is lost forever to time and further deterioration. Of course, my grandpa was removed from that house and was raised by his grandpa, whom he always called "Tom." One of the funniest stories I remember hearing was that cars were still early in availability but somehow the family acquired one that was probably already on it's last legs. Should be perfectly fine for your purpose, plus you can use it for many other things later!One of my concerns has been how to find a reputable firm that I can trust with this since it is very dear to me and I would be devastated if it were damaged further or even lost. My grandpa was working on the transmission one day, having removed it from the car, trying desperately to get the car back in commission as my great great grandpa paced about fretting about getting somewhere he needed to go. These folks in Raleigh seem to have a good reputation, although I have not used them. If you can make a high resolution scan of the photo, you can send the file out for retouching / restoration without exposing the origianl to loss or damage. The closest I can come with one of my ancestors is a night in December 1882 when the wife of my great-great-grandfather collapsed and died while walking home from church in the cold. Get a hi-res scan and send that out to be worked on. You probably shouldn't have the original altered (and it's most likely too small anyway). I do not have a hi res scanner, or any scanner for that matter.My grandpa kept telling him he was still working on it. am sure you could arrange to have your photo scanned while you wait.

Connect online with thousands of other users today.We have and will always cooperate with local and federal authorities for matters that place our users and the public in any danger.Younger teen, kids and youths are encouraged to log on with the supervision of an adult, parent or guardian, especially when using the video webcams service feature.Koota asked a grand jury to consider whether it was a crime to invite students to "Pick 'em cuter by computer": "The potential danger to physical safety and morals is clear.Some control is essential to prevent criminals, racketeers and sex deviates from this profitable field." Today, is the largest dating site in the world, with an estimated 20 million members.

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My mom didn’t even think of meeting another man until about 3 years after my father passed away.

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