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Between Thanksgiving Day and New Year's Eve, your calendar is booked with house parties, office shindigs, trips, and fundraisers. We'll help you make a good impression in these common holiday social situations.

1) Ice Skating—Don't Freeze Her Out In the girl world, ice skating is the winter version of a romantic walk on the beach.

8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The holidays can be a high-pressure time for any relationship, but it's particularly difficult for those couples celebrating together for the first time.

"The newer the relationship, the more questions there are about striking the right balance," says catch-22's include whether or not you invite your date to your family's home, and how much you spend on a gift.

Between Stark's boisterous greeting and the conspicuous gurgle of a champagne fountain, Phil'd had his doubts about letting himself be swayed into coming, and the sight of hundreds of wealthy party guests only reinforced the thought: he should've stayed home.

Pepper looked at him apologetically, perhaps because she was the one who'd described the party as "a small gathering of friends" last Tuesday.

If the e-mail address is not in the standard format (containing "@" and "."), the validation fails, an Error Provider icon is displayed, and the event is canceled.Stark's ideas were usually bad, and Phil wasn't very surprised to find that his parties were the same.(Or, where Tony throws a very lavish Christmas party, Steve is everyone's favorite party favor, and Phil is extremely jealous.) While it wasn't strictly accurate to say that the evening had started off badly, it would have been a lie to say Phil hadn't seen the smoke on the horizon.He couldn't fault her entirely, however, as she was dressed much like him, in work clothes with a near-invisible stain of mustard on one dark sleeve.She looked just as frazzled as he did, too, perhaps because—like with every Tony Stark idea—things had quickly gotten out of hand."I'm sorry, Phil," she said once Stark had disappeared to greet whichever millionaire had come in after him.

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  2. The online dating scene is a bit of a jungle, with people claiming to be who they aren’t (younger, mainly) and potential matches getting stuck in endless email conversations before ever meeting.