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She instead started making music and released an EP called "Insane" in 2010.Since then, she has since pretty much disappeared from the public eye.Ο Λέλαντ, ένας συνταξιοδοτημένος σερίφης, με βίαιες εξάρσεις, και ο νεαρός αντικαταστάτης του, ο Γουάλας, ένας τύπος με σκοτεινό παρελθόν, πρέπει να ενώσουν τις δυνάμεις τους για να προστατεύσουν τους πολίτες της πόλης του, και να ερευνήσουν την πηγή του εμπορίου όπλου από το Μεξικό, που αφήνει πολλούς νεκρούς πίσω και μια χαμέν...

In the second season, Reba continues to move on from her divorce, even getting a boyfriend for brief period, selling off her engagement ring, and accepting a job from Brock in his dental office.Reba and her friend Lori Ann go out to meet new people, but nothing happens. Reba meets someone she enjoyed talking to, and they made arrangements to go on a date.There's a small appearance from Melissa Peterman's (Barbra-Jean) real life husband, John Brady.She allows Van and Cheyenne to get married and move in with her, while her other children, Kyra and Jake, also stay with her.She initially refuses to be around Barbra Jean unless absolutely necessary and is equally hostile to Brock, though this begins to change after their divorce is finalized, Brock and Barbra Jean marry, and have their son Henry.

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