I 9 updating and reverification

A lot of employers aren’t exactly sure when reverification must be completed, or which employees must be reverified. It’s a good idea to establish a system that will remind you…

We’re continuing our series about common I-9 mistakes with a tip that focuses on record-keeping—specifically, how long employee I=9 forms should be retained.

Do I need to complete a Form I-9 for everyone who applies for a job with my company? Can I terminate an employee who fails to produce the required documents within three business days?

What are the legally acceptable documents that a new hire can show for I-9 purposes?

Managing employee documentation and I-9 forms is an important part of the compliance process, but many employers are confused about how long they should retain employee records and if it’s acceptable to…

There’s no question about it—trying to maintain I-9 compliance and staying up-to-date on new rules and regulations can seem pretty overwhelming. Avoid Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (EEV) mistakes by carefully following all of the applicable rules, regulations and laws.

USCIS can issue asylees an Employment Authorization Document (Form I-766), which is an acceptable List A document and which the employee may also choose to present.

A refugee may choose to present any applicable documents from the Lists of Acceptable Documents.

If I believe a new hire is an alien, can I ask the person to produce a Green Card when filling out the I-9 Form?

This document is an acceptable List C document for an asylee.

Asylees who present this document will also need to present a List B document.

When filling out the I-9 Form, can I accept a social security card from an alien as proof of work authorization?

If the person shows one of the identity documents, does the employer need anything more?

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