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Errazuriz, 31, is currently in talks with developers about putting the dress into mass production so it can be sold at a reasonable price.

He said: "The dress was influenced by the constant changes and demands that fashion establishes every season."The idea was to create a single dress that could easily be reconstructed over and over again to comply with hundreds of variations."The Zipper dress can be adapted from a full-length night dress, to a t-shirt, a miniskirt or even a belt."Each one of them can be either separated from the rest of the dress or open to play and reveal layers or skin beneath."I believe the concept is particularly poignant in the current economic crisis because you can buy one dress and get a hundred different fashion possibilities."Michelle Claire, a fashion stylist, said the dress is likely to set pulses racing and is ideal for women affected by the recession.

At the turn of the 20th century, artisans and designers produced handbags and purses that reflected the stylistic and design trends of the day.

Brown leather handbags were tooled to create cameos of Art Nouveau figures in sylvan settings.

Carefully selected and tested components are hand-plugged into gold-plated circuit board traces to provide an ultra-clean true Class A discrete amplifier with a frequency response of /- 2d B from 20 Hz to 50 k Hz.

The output is matched with a custom American-made transformer that offers an especially low self-noise and a typical THD N of 0.015% or better, making it ideal for critical recording applications.

Outkick the Show will be live today at 4 et, so if you need some help powering through the final part of the workday, I’m there for you. writes: “Clay I need some advice, I’ve asked all my friends what i should do and I don’t know what I should do.The possibilities are increased further by partially unzipping parts of the dress to reveal bare skin or coloured clothing worn underneath.The first black and silver dress was handmade from Sebastian Errazuriz's design and took about two months to make from conception to final product.I’ve been dating this girl for about two months and we really hit it off, outkicked my coverage as you would say, and is everything I want in a girl (maybe even wife material).I had dinner with her family last week and met her sister, who it turns out I hooked up with in college probably three years ago. This is important, are they actually sisters or just step-sisters?

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