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"Inch'Allah" was composed by MC Solaar, Eric K-Roz and Alain J.This R&B song, which has "oriental sonorities" and a "lively rhythm", confirmed the popularity of the singer, which so obtained his second number one in France about one year after "Hasta la vista".A number of artists, athletes and French celebrities make cameo appearances in the music video including former tennis player and artist Yannick Noah, footballer Lilian Thuram, comedian, actor and radio and TV personality Eric Judor, actress Mathilda May, DJ Abdel, rappers Rim'K, Kamini, Soprano, as well as Tunisiano and Aketo (both from hip hop band Sniper).Inch'Allah is a Canadian drama film, released in 2012.

The music video directed by Mehdi Idir portrays a wedding of a friend of Grand Corps Malade.

Authors Gada Mahrouse, Chantal Maillé and Daniel Salée wrote Mc Craw and Déry's films, Incendies, Monsieur Lazhar and Inch'Allah, depict Quebec as part of the global village and as accepting minorities, particularly Middle Easterners or "Muslim Others".

"Inch'Allah" is a 2002 song recorded by French hip hop artist MC Solaar.

Globe-trotteuse avertie, elle a également réalisé des courts métrages et documentaires relatant ses nombreux voyages dans le monde.

Anaïs Barbeau-Lavalette a une relation très fusionnelle avec la Palestine, un territoire qu'elle a découvert lors d'un précédent tournage pour un documentaire : "J’ai eu comme un appel, un réel coup de foudre, avec tout ce que ça peut avoir d’ambigu", se remémore la réalisatrice, en poursuivant : "Un mélange d’amour/haine, de fascination et de confrontation.

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