Intimidating pick up lines

You’re out with friends and someone catches your eye, what’s your opening line?

In a society accustomed to a swipe-of-the-finger introduction, it’s more intimidating than ever to approach someone you’re interested in.

If you’re interesting in chatting them up, you’re going to have to really take a moment to consider your next move.

Focusing on the right path will absolutely help you gain the upper hand, and that’s where a list of good chat up lines will come in handy. You can easily search online for a lot of things to be said.

The point of those was to get attention (and also to announce to the world that you're a douche, but that is a different subject). o Fake trip lightly into someone and grab their arm. o Use props: if you can procure a pair of crutches, you're golden.

You get the point: Do something that starts a conversation instead of saying something. Then say you're so sorry and boom, if they want to talk to you, they will.o Ask them to take a photo for you. I also saved a cast from when I broke my wrist once, when I'm going through a dry spell I slip that thing back on and boom, dudes can't ask me fast enough "What happened to your arm?

Chances are the person you’re pursuing has seen a handful of flicks and these popular on-screen characters may have already won them over.

I know who you're going to fuck before you even know who you're going to fuck. Hate to break it to you, but it's pretty much solely because you guys hooked up.

I normally focus on lists that my fellow females can identify with, but I'm trying to promote gender equality here too, you know. She was probably a stage seven clinger pre-fuck (which is still pretty high), but to a girl like that, sex translates to love.

Once you land the date, be sure to top it off with a flower bouquet.

Nothing says, “I’m interested,” quite like a few good pick up lines and a gourmet chocolate gift to go with it.

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