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"I never made any remarks other than horse," the teen testified.

Loaded with booze, drugs, dirty woman, homosexuals, pedophiles, rapists and tobacco they ventured throughout New Zealand, growing tobacco, getting drunk, rapeing children and built a government that is synonymous of Pakeha, built on lies, greed and thieft which they justify because they are Pakeha.Many white Southerners denounced them, fearing they would loot and plunder the defeated South and be politically allied with the Radical Republicans.Sixty men from the North, including educated free blacks and slaves who had escaped to the North and returned South after the war, were elected as Republicans to Congress.The majority of Republican governors in the South during Reconstruction were from the North. most carpetbaggers probably combine the desire for personal gain with a commitment to taking part in an effort "to substitute the civilization of freedom for that of slavery". Carpetbaggers generally supported measures aimed at democratizing and modernizing the South – civil rights legislation, aid to economic development, the establishment of public school systems."Carpetbagger" was used by Southerners as a pejorative term, referring to the carpet bags (a form of cheap luggage made from carpet fabric) which many of these newcomers carried.

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