Invalidating a will uk

A will may be challenged in its entirety or in part.

Only a very few wills are contested: their success rate is less than 1%.

A will contest, in the law of property, is a formal objection raised against the validity of a will, based on the contention that the will does not reflect the actual intent of the testator (the party who made the will) or that the will is otherwise invalid.

Inheritance claims are far broader than simply contesting or disputing a Will because Inheritance Laws give a variety of options depending on the different situations that people find themselves in.

Whether you wish to contest a Will or find yourself on the receiving end of a claim, the whole process of disputing a will can be very time consuming and emotionally difficult.

By contesting a Will through Disputing Wills we can guide you through this complex area of law and advise you on how to contest a will.

Say a parent dies after a short second marriage and leaves everything to his wife, who in turn leaves it all to her children.

This may mean his children with his first wife get nothing and they may challenge the will.

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If your leaving a will or a relative of yours has left a will, it could be open to being contested or challenged.

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