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It looks like the actor is having a personal and professional low point as his recent projects are failing to impress box office.His recent project Imperial city got canceled which added up to his sorrows.There are no recent to-do list in Rupert Grint's calendar but he is set to move to Hollywood and change the way things are going by taking some bad boy's role and changing his sweet boy's image as well as contributing to a comedy Comic-con series called Imperial city which is facing some post-production issues and can enter our television any time this year.?

Onlookers said he seemed really upset by that, so I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to admit the relationship after that.

“ comments a flustered Daniel into the microphone, before accidentally knocking it of its stand, in turn making the rest of the conducted Q&A session have a terrible humming of feedback.

After an excruciatingly awkward silence not even a casted spell could fix, interviewers switched topics by asking Daniel about his time on Broadway, portraying the lead character, a boy who suffers from a sexual fascination with his horse, in the play Equus.

Tom Felton has posted proof of a reunion with the Weasleys in Los Angeles, the undeniably sexy Matthew Lewis has been posing with former costars, and they're not the only ones who have been sharing sweet photos.

movie series based on the books of the same name, has recently come out and denied any and all non-existent rumors that he is madly in love with his much more attractive and talented costar, Emma Watson, at a recent holiday reunion.

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