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With over 15 years of sales success in these markets Jim has developed the specialized knowledge, skills and contacts to assure his clients can enjoy these special homes the fullest.Jim has bought and sold homes and lived with his family for over 30 years in the NYC townhouse market.We thank all Users for their feedback and tests and we encourage anyone to download and discover this Milestone 3 release.If you're interested in contributing to the James project, please subscribe to the James mailing lists.In this case there was a cross migration; the southern Indiana imigrants coming not only from southern Ohio and the south counties of Pennsylvania and of the eastern states, but there was a prominent movement of population from Virginia, Kentucky and some other states of the south. The situation of Clinton county, in the central part of the state is mainly the cause of the superior quality of the migration thither, which character, so- cial qualities, aptitudes, traditions, modes of thought and action, thus brought in, contributed and still contributes to make the people of Clinton county, a superior class of American citizens, of which they and their descendants may well be proud.

Hither came the chivalric Virginian, some of them of Huguenot stock, or of noble ancestry in English families, who could trace their lineage back to William the Conqueror: or it may be, they are de- cended from the generous, big-hearted, ever kindly disposed Kentuckian, bring- ing with him his exalted ideas of the true social heritage and cult: or it may be the staid dignified Xew Englander carrying hither the genius of the proverbial wide-awake ubiquitous “Yankee.” or the astute, shrewd and viva- cious denizen of Connecticut, last but not least, comes the industrious, frugal and generous Pennsylvanian, speaking bis German patois: it may be he is from Lehigh countv from “behind Allentown.” or some other vicinage in the Keystone state, none the less renowned for the emigrants it has sent forth: all these came here making up the original stock' of our cosmopolitan popu- lation.

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