Jo and lucas still dating

Light from infinite directions and distances meets our gaze.

And within our “mythic imagination,” as Joseph Campbell described it, we begin to tell stories.

If you haven't read it, check out Taylor Swift's Hairstyles here.

It's so amazing she can looks so beautiful no matter what hair style she wears.

James Lafferty didn't have to fake too much to play Nathan.

She’s dabbled with a wide range of celebrity hunks and broken dozens of hearts along the way. Although Swift was just starting out on the music scene, the Jonas Brothers were full steam ahead and she was smitten. Creator Mark Schwahn originally wrote One Tree Hill as a feature-length project called Ravens.2.Executive producers Brian Robbins, Mike Tollin, and Joe Davola spent four years convincing Schwahn to turn the movie into a TV series.3.As Campbell points out, the visual beauties that inspire a saga like are derived as much from within us as it is outside.“The imagery is necessarily physical and thus apparently of outer space,” Campbell says, “The inherent connotation is always, however, psychological and metaphysical, which is to say, of inner space.” As we look to the stars, we are inherently reflected.

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Taylor inevitably learnt all she knows from John, who also happens to have a string of high-profile liaisons to his name.

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