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now relegated to oversee a group millennials by its publisher Roland (Stephen Fry).So naturally, when the cast and creators went in front of the Television Critics Association for their summer tour on Wednesday, 90% of the questions were about the clash of millennials and the olds.

I guess they”re going that direction.” Either way, it was a major character shift for Annie becoming more mature, starting to date older guys, getting over Troy and kind of letting that storyline go. I think the whole season has been an exciting experiment, with so many new things that she couldn”t have imagined, and learning how to wield this new power she has over the male sex.

Of course, the danger here is that it's perilously close to trite, pat and one-dimensional, "You crazy kids and your Interwebs!

" comedy, which is exactly how some of the press -- especially the millennials in the audience -- at the Television Critics Association took to the show."I was relying on what's personal is universal," Gibbons said, defending criticisms that the show is just cheap stereotypes. A lot of people are recognizing how fast [culture] is moving.

The longtime star reporter for “The Great Outdoors” magazine, Joel has climbed mountains, confronted bears and just generally led a life of excitement and adventure, but when he’s sidelined by an injury, he’s forced to take a desk job in the publication’s digital and social-media department, surrounded by a team of millennials who view him as an exotic and ancient oddity from another place and time.

For Mc Hale, “The Great Indoors” marks a return to the broadcast sitcom world, following “Community,” which started on NBC before being famously axed and revived by the now-defunct Yahoo Screen.

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