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Saya merasa sangat puas belajar di lembaga The Benefit kampung inggris pare, karena selain tutornya ramah, pintar menguasai materi dan kelas di selingi dengan permainan.

Itulah yang membuat proses belajarnya menyenangkan. Namun walaupun sambil bercanda tetap tidak keluar dari materi yang disampaikan.

We stopped by Kampung Koh wet market for late lunch. Go straight about 300-400m and the noodle stall is located on the right.

In fact, we missed the chance to try the noodle in the last visit. I have never seen such a huge Tua Pek Kong statue along with other gods in one location. When we reached, there’s another section still under construction.

When you google “things to do in Jakarta with kids” most likely the recommendation will send you to the inside of one of the many malls where you will have to listen to tinny music and be haunted by freaky cartoon characters and tubs of plastic balls for weeks to come. It’s always a risk to take such a journey, even on a Sunday, but during Ramadhan the risk of an abundance of weddings blocking up roadways was not likely.

Sometimes the thought of going further than 2 kilometers in Jakarta is kind of like contemplating the same kind of energy of driving from Melbourne to Sydney (that’s 800kms on a clear highway); should I or shouldn’t I?

It’s only in 2011 that the area was expanded to include a series of statues, a food court and even a monkey park.Thank's for my tutor, thank's for my friend, and thank you the eagle english course. Menurut saya belajar di The eagle sangat menyenangkan. Belajar di The eagle adalah hal yang mengesankan Bertemu dengan orang-orang baru dan tidak sungkan untuk membantu satu dengan yang lain Begitu juga dengan masyarakat yang di kampung inggris pare yang baik.Belajar disini membuat saya lebih terbantu, karena bisa memahami materi yang di berikan oleh para tutor dengan cepat selain itu karena sistem mengajarnya juga sangat detail., 24 November, 25 Unlike most international carriers, Australian Airlines offered a level of service that shouts ‘ka ki nang’, loosely translated from Teochew as ‘family’.The cabin crew, with both men and women in casual shirts and pants, were especially warm and friendly.

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