Kate nash dating ryan jarman

Produced by Bernard Butler, formerly of Suede, it takes in 1960s girl groups and punk influences.

‘Touring was fun, but it was stressful,’ says Kate, now 22.Kate Nash was happy to come back down to earth with a bump after spending a year promoting her first album around the world.Frazzled and depressed, she relished the chance to live a normal life again.A blogger who, arguably, owes her entire career to being championed by Lily Allen on My Space (In 2006 Allen placed the unknown Nash at number eight on her friends list; a burgeoning fan base and record deal swiftly followed.) Nash and her piano were the sound of summer 2007, her number-two hit, the break-up song Foundations, winning the hearts of hardened music critics and Glastonbury crowds alike. Nash’s second album, the follow-up to 'Made of Bricks’, takes a new direction.(Some audiences even threw lemons in homage to her most celebrated lyric, 'You said I must eat so many lemons, ’cause I am so bitter/I said, “I’d rather be friends with your mates ’cause they are much fitter.”’) Her cockney delivery, raw emotion and deadpan wit struck a chord with teenagers, and she went on to win best female artist at the 2008 Brits. Alongside her trademark lo-fi confessionals are shouty diatribes.

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