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Finding the perfect place can be tough, but if you’re feeling unsure about where to have your first kiss, then we’re here to help!

Chance decided to celebrate the performance by giving Tessa a big smooch on her cheek while they were being watched by hundreds and had cameras alllll up in their faces.

In fact, some of the most memorable kisses are guaranteed to spark fireworks when you’re in a really romantic place.

So when you do have your first kiss, try to avoid unromantic places like, say, a long line at the supermarket or a smelly street corner on a busy street.

On top of being one of the sweetest intimate moments you can have with your partner, it is also your golden opportunity to start a budding relationship.

So in other words, your first kiss is officially the beginning of your romance story. Now, even though first kisses are often spontaneous, setting the scene by being in the right place is pretty important.

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  2. You can find an example of her witticisms at the beginning of the book when she says there are two types of love: ‘real love’ and ‘pizza love.’ ‘Real love’ is respecting the partner and honouring chastity, whereas ‘pizza love’ is a completely different sort of love: just like pizza, you love it as an object but once its use has disappeared – that is to say, once it has been eaten – the remains are cast away.