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The protagonist, Valerie (arguably SNL's biggest firing mistake in history in Michaela Watkins) is an attractive divorcée in her late 30's with a sincere lack of confidence in herself.

Sure, sex and dating are theoretically easy (her career is a successful psychiatrist proves that point) and obtainable for a woman who's willing to go out to a bar and take the first steps in propositioning a guy but if intimacy is a psychological problem, it can be more difficult in practice.

"I was really aware that I was turning 30 and I didn't have a boyfriend.The letter congratulated Jonny on his recent victory and said he had displayed “great determination and strength to earn a well deserved spot on the podium”.Jonny did finish on the podium at the Leeds race – but he crossed the finish line on Millenium Square eight seconds behind his brother to take home the silver medal.Valerie's discomfort is just visceral which makes her lows relatable and will make her eventual highs (if she gets over her hang-ups) well-earned.Her adult brother, Alex (Tommy Dewey), is equally filled with psychological hang-ups.

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Shows centered around dating are generally problematic because it's hard to empathize with the trials and tribulations of good-looking actors who have highly active sex lives.

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  1. Pepper Schwartz Question from Carl: I recently started dating after a divorce. He is 22, and he has heard of "dating." Question from Guest: Men with gray hair are thought to look distinguished. And they are good introductions to social networking, and a good way to ease into trying an actual dating site. » Question from Leanne from Austin: What are the rules about dating and sex today? One of those things that you can pick on is whether you and this person have similar values.