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The heart of Literotica is still the xxx story and erotic poetry section, so make sure you check it out. The My domain will eventually be the place where you can customize Literotica to match your wants and needs.

We hope to launch this feature sometime before the end of the year 2000.

Literotica (a portmanteau of Literature and Erotica) is a free erotic fiction website.

At we do our best to deliver the finest story site you'll find anywhere - free or otherwise. We also have one of the friendliest adult bulletin boards on the web as well as the always active chatrooms with free chat 24 hours a day.According to, other countries with a notable share of the site's web traffic are India with 9.2%, Germany with 8.1%, the United Kingdom with 5.8%, and Canada with 4.4%.Literotica was amongst the first adult sites to be open to story creators, quickly having replaced the usenet erotic story sections.Like most of these free literotica sites, you can also submit your own sex stories.According to Literotica users on Reddit, a good place to start is the Hall of Fame section.

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if fictional incest porn is illegal in the UK (there are many stories about a young man falling in love with his 18 year old sister/hot aunt/mother etc.) Can anybody help me with what categories on there are legal and not?

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