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But the biggest change, the highlight of Laura’s life, was getting her kids back.Three years ago, she was able to obtain temporary custody of her children, and last January the courts awarded her permanent guardianship. Finding support just became easier for the thousands of people who turn to Google each day looking for information and resources related to sexual assault.

"billie227" then posts a video of Laura Barns recording a video similar to that of Amanda Todd's, which took place in real life.

Shortly afterwards, they are interrupted by their classmates Jess Felton, Ken Smith, and Adam Sewell.

The group notices a user named "billie227" in their chat, who was not invited by any of the participants.

After unsuccessful attempts to disconnect the user, the entire group suspects their classmate Val Rommel is pranking them.

After they invite Val to their chat, Jess's Facebook page is updated with racy photos of Val at a party.

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  1. In one recent study of 1,086 seventh through 12th grade male and female students, about 51 percent of high school females and 26 percent of high school males reported being kissed, hugged, or touched against their will.