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And that’s the power of Flo–she doesn’t get you excited about the idea of buying Auto Insurance necessarily, as much as she gets you excited about the idea of selling it–or getting excited about the idea of getting excited about it. To love your job so passionately that all who touch you can’t help but feel the love as well, regardless of the mundaneness (mundanity? I mean, I’ve had some pretty good jobs, but I still suffered through the occasional duldrum in even the best of them, turning in desperation to self-indulgent internet browsing and far too many cups of coffee.

Flo laughs at the prospect of needing caffeine to get through her day.

The early shikomi (in-training) and minarai (learns by watching) stages of geisha training lasted years, which is significantly longer than in contemporary times.

On paper, they should be nothing but miserable–corny, ridiculous, and even kind of creepy (the super-anesthetized surroundings of the Progressive store suggest some sort of Auto Insurance limbo, where customers are doomed to spend their entire lives searching for the best rates).

On average, Tokyo apprentices (who typically begin at 18) are slightly older than their Kyoto counterparts (who usually start at 15).

Historically, geisha often began the earliest stages of their training at a very young age, sometimes as early as at 3 or 5 years.

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