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The following list of the Five Common Texting Mistakes in Dating are issues that I have seen time and time again, in my own dating life and in the dating lives of others.

We’re one of the few dating coaching companies who provide such a service, but we’ve found it to be the fastest way to get students to have massive breakthroughs in their mindsets and skills with women.

In love and in life, nothing matters more than your actions.

So, if you respect yourself, people will respect you, too – and women are sure to find you appealing to boot and establish an emotional connection with you.

If they're sent to someone you want to date, texts should be fun, engaging, inquisitive, and always concise.

I could care less what you text your best friend Sally, but if you're looking to keep someone engaged in texting with you and talking with you and dating you, then you need to know that what you're texting could be jeopardizing your dating relationships. this is a guide on how/how not to text people you're dating.

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