Most intimidating animals in the world match dating costs

Shout at the dog authoritatively but don't make eye contact.

Kick and punch it; and if it rolls you to the ground, protect your throat and back of your neck with your arms, then when you get the chance, aim to jab it in the eye. If at all possible, punch it in the nose with all your might.

The animals in these pictures aren’t necessarily even considered bigger than average for their species, but when you see them next to a person, your jaw just might drop to the floor.

One bizarre use of a snake is for giving snake massages to people, as it possesses smooth scales and will quickly become comfortable with people (so it is said! Snakes are also increasingly being used to detect oncoming seizures due to their superior sensory capabilities.

Humans' colours vary from almost pepper black to milky white. If nothing changes we'll eventually destroy everything. I remember as a child a very traumatic experience was when I was at a relatives friends houses I was 4 or 6 and they had an arch like tunnel and it had branches and I was walking and 4 snakes were looking right at me I remember screaming and went to my mom and they looked and saw nothing.

Sometimes where scary because of those stupid animal abusers who kills them for fun. As someone who owns a snake and has spent years researching them, I can assure that while you shouldn't go chasing snakes, many snakes, including wild snakes, are completely harmless.

Sharks will generally only approach you out of curiosity, or if it mistakes you for a seal in distress. It’s the most sensitive part of its body and might lead it to swim away defeated.

Remember though, only an average of four fatal great white attacks take place each year worldwide. A shark probably won’t bother killing you because they aren't fond of the taste of humans.

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