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That's known as "wet cupping." Based on photos posted by some Olympic athletes, they are practicing dry, air cupping, which causes surface capillaries to break, creating the purple bruise-like spots. Cupping is thought to balance energy, known as "qi" or "ch'i" (pronounced "kee" or "chee"), and redistribute the energy to the parts of the body that are lacking it, according to the American Cancer Society.Cupping is also thought to remove toxins, according to Acupuncture Today.

As the champion enjoyed a blow-out and makeover at the hands of the stylists of the P&G Family Home, Divine Caroline grilled the swimmer on her beauty and workout routine--and oh, what it's like to be one the top athletes in the world. DC: What do you use on your hair to keep it getting dry, brittle and dull? If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables it shows on your hair, skin and nails. I fill my plate with as many greens as I possibly can. NC: (laughs) I made all the girls do the Sephora stickers with me. I have been so fortunate to say I went to three Olympics, swim in 12-events and get 12-medals. There are millions of people watching, your family, your team mates, it is so overwhelming.

Olympic swimmers are all the rage thanks to the recent score of tall, fit, handsome athletes that have been splashed across our television screens this summer. Adrian did spark rumors when he was seen giving fellow swimmer Natalie Coughlin, 30, (pictured below) a back rub while out and about in London earlier this August, but it seems that the pair are just friends as Coughlin is married to swimming coach Ethan Hall. In the meantime, enjoy watching Nathan Adrian and his now famously endearing grin as he answers our questions in Uinterview's exclusive interview.

Much has been made of the respective love lives of playboy Ryan Lochte, record-breaker Michael Phelps — who is dating Megan Rossee — and, now, Nathan Adrian, the UC Berkeley alum and Bremerton, Wash., native who won the gold in the 100m freestyle event at the 2012 Olympics. Read others: Uinterview | News: Who Is Michael Phelps' Girlfriend, Megan Rossee?

Standard cupping involves a glass cup and a flammable substance which heats the cup while it's on the skin. In more modern cupping, called “air” cupping, a suction pump is attached to the cup, creating the vacuum-type pull on the skin, according to Acupuncture Today.

Sometimes the skin is punctured before air cupping to draw out a small amount of blood.

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