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They and subsequent researchers developed distinct versions of obsidian hydration method consisting of both empirical rate and intrinsic rate development, thus refining the method.However, in spite the accurately measured rinds beyond digital optical microscopy employing infrared spectroscopy and nuclear analysis, the traditional empirical age equation produce occasionally satisfactory results but still fail to produce a reliable chronometer.Obsidian hydration is not effective on surfaces that are uneven due to gradual weathering caused by natural forces.

It can be easily sharpened into a razor-sharp blade, and its uses have included knives, spears, scrapers, saws, drills, and decorative pieces.The depth of this hydration layer thus indicates the time that has elapsed since the cut was made.The hydration layer is visible under microscopic examination, and measurement of the hydration layer can produce reasonably accurate dating, particularly when completed on numerous samples from the same artifact. Rob Treut keffie: I like how you picked an area of interest to you and explored it in greater depth.The surface has a particularly strong affinity for water, and will absorb it until saturated.This forms a measurable hydrated layer on the exterior of the obsidian, as the water content increases the density and volume of the space it occupies.

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