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Inspectors from the Agricultural Commissioner's office for each county has been inspecting and sending in for analysis every variety of Canna from California nurseries.

We have had our inspection in May 2005 and then destroyed all known virus infected plants; the canna we continue to list appear to be virus free or do not show a susceptibility to the virus.

We continue to monitor these plants to insure this.

Of the many plants that remind us of gardens of the past, perhaps none are as dramatic and colorful as canna lilies.

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Here is a link to a tutorial: sure Flash is not blocked on your browser. If all else fails, then download and install a modern browser like Chrome.The large flowers are brightly colored and complex in design and the attractive bold foliage can be green, bronze, red or striped.That these plants remind us so much of grandma's garden or that old abandoned house on the edge of town attests not only to their durability but also to their desirability in a more Victorian and flowery garden period. released their ninth studio album, The Awakening (T-Boy/UMe), on August 21, 2015.Mrs Marcos visited the crypt of former president Ferdinand Marcos in Ilocos Norte in the north of the country and even kissed the glass coffin where his body lays in a white jacket, ceremonial sash and polished medals.

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