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In 1915 opal was discovered by 14 year old Willie Hutchison who was a member of a gold prospecting party.

After World War I many former soldiers came to the opal fields.

Opal is often described as 'Nature's fireworks' due to iridescent rainbow flashes through the white gemstone.

Considered to be the most powerful of healing stones, a stone of happy dreams and good changes, signifying hope, innocence and purity.

"In a dusty lean-to town with a dusty digger's face, Where you can find an opal if you can stand the pace, Where you can be a miner no matter what your race, Where you can dig a hole and live and die without a trace." Now I don't want that you disappear without a trace, so be careful and don't stumble into one of the mining shafts.It's the most desolate, featureless place I have ever seen. Coober Pedy is an Aboriginal name that means "white men in a hole".The name perfectly describes the fact that about 80 % of the residents live underground to escape from the heat in summer, and the cold nights in winter.Coober Pedy and the opal mining fields lie on a stony desert plain on the edge of the Stuart Ranges, approximately 845 km north of Adelaide.If you drive into town from Oodnadatta, you cross the moon plain which has been the set for several movies.

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