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I always imagined that it would never appear a better TV series than Friends;thanks God, I was wrong!

I continue liking Friends very much, but Sex and the city has a bigger place in my heart.

Good riddance: Now I’ll consider linking to Gamelink again.

Jeff Dillon ran one of the largest online adult/porn retailers — San Francisco based Gamelink — and spent his spare time boasting about being “white pride” and said he isn’t racist because he says he “married a slant eyed import.” In June, Dillon was arrested here…

Dat is een van de doelen van het Europese WEKIT project waar het Welten-instituut aan deelneemt. Samen met de Vrije Universiteit, Universiteit van Amsterdam, Wageningen Universiteit Research, Universiteit Leiden, en Radboud Universiteit gaat de Open Universiteit leermaterialen ontwikkelen binn...

WEKIT, een project waarbinnen het Welten-instituut een van de partners is, experimenteert met Augmented Reality in de astronautenopleiding.

Check out our hot new sponsor with curvy babes and sexy guys, Nubile Films – Busty! As a full-time Patreon creator, she’s on the more successful end of erotic content makers.Modifications you distribute must include the Contribution.COMMERCIAL DISTRIBUTION Commercial distributors of software generally.Has anyone else commented on the anti-porn rampage we saw in The Guardian last week?We knew they were anti-porn and anti-sex work, but to have them double down on it in the month it’s being reported that mandatory age checks (read: tracking of UK citizens’ activity online) begin in 2018 is reprehensible for a…

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