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Update Mode to Note: To avoid the above issues with an SQL Server table, which also has triggers, the triggers should have SET NOCOUNT ON specified at the beginning. To disable updates to columns, exclude controls automatic refreshing of the column values, which may be changed by the DBMS after inserting or updating a record.

The columns, which may require refreshing after record inserting are as follows: Sometimes setting Update Changed Fields to False may improve the performance.

and updating data SQL commands will be automatically generated by Fire DAC.

The Fire DAC SQL commands generator is aware of the database identity fields, sequences, triggers, special data types (Oracle BLOB / CLOB / BFILE, and so on) and generates an efficient SQL command, depending on the connected DBMS.

In addition, the statement can include a WHERE clause, which determines what rows to modify, or a FROM clause, which identifies tables or views that provide values for the expressions defined in the SET clause.The response time is basically the same as for the respective .Since version 4.0, this mode is enabled by default.” by Markus Winand is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.In most cases, when using Transact-SQL to modify data in a SQL Server database, you issue an UPDATE statement that changes specific values.

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For example, when posting a new record to an Oracle table, where ID field is filled by a trigger from a sequence, and IMAGE is of BLOB type, Fire DAC will generate the following SQL command: Fire DAC will use the main (first) table in the SELECT ... The default value up Where Key Only uses in the WHERE phrase only the unique identifying columns and provides an efficient and safe way to locate the updating row.

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