Overweight dating

It feels like things should be different in the church.

Markers of spiritual maturity, like depth of character or willingness to serve, should trump my above-average BMI, but rarely is that the case.

Whether we admit it or not, physical attraction plays a large role in paving the way for love.

We don’t like to look closely at this fact, especially inside the walls of the church where we hope to find less superficial dating criteria than one’s pant size, but the surplus of single, godly, intelligent plus-size women speaks to reality.

“Friends” may try to set you up with someone who’s more conventionally attractive. While Amy is interviewing Aaron, she receives a text from Kim insisting they move Gordon to a cheaper facility.Amy starts to hyperventilate, but Aaron calms her down and suggests they get food.Over dinner, he compliments her writing and she learns about his family.After some drinks, they go to his place and have sex together.

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