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Choosing a TV used to be simple and, if you didn't want to pay for a premium service, such as Sky Q, you either plugged in an aerial (Freeview) or connected up a satellite dish (Freesat), depending on the reception you got.

But, then the free TV market decided to get all complicated on us, with Freeview , Freesat Freetime, You View all appearing, and now Freeview Play is muddying the waters even further.

Regardless of the TV or box you are using, the EPG may stop displaying information on all channels. If the menu is not displayed, it means that the set-top box is not correctly connected to the TV. Freeview’s TV channels are transmitted in six blocks (known as multiplexes).

If you are not receiving some channels, then most likely you are not receiving some of the multiplexes.

It very well could just be some sort of internet thing (it has a ethernet port, a cable-in-, and two phone plugs [edited]), because it isnt connected to any of my TV's and it doesnt look like it could hook up to a TV.It’s been a long-time coming, but Freeview’s new Freeview Plus onscreen TV guide was officially launched this week, letting you press the green button on your television remote to call up the Electronic Program Guide, or the red button to launch the Catch Up app for the network you’re currently watching.Before you get too excited, Freeview Plus only runs on a handful of new 2014-model televisions and Personal Video Recorders in Australia.There is no guide, no Program Information, and no Channel name.I was wondering if I had to buy something else or if this was a problem/bug... I will get the picture/sound (up to 1080i) but i can't get the TV to display the information (What I'm watching and the channel's name).

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