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Since the show ended in 2005, Posey has scooped up numerous roles on made-for-TV films to keep her skills sharp and it appears she hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface on her full potential.

Now 20-years-old, the young starlet has gained a sizeable following on her social media accounts because quite frankly, she looks damn good.

But when it comes to her actual life, who is her man? Has she been married yet, or still waiting for her Mr. With a lot of queries being raised, we have tried to bring the best information to our readers regarding both the husband and lesbian rumors surrounding her.

However, research reveals that she has previously been in relationships with some men as mentioned in

Check out what Parker Mc Kenna Posey looks like in the present day via the gallery below. Although he has second thoughts about the procedure, his need to have sex with Janet overcomes his fears.Meanwhile, Tony asks Claire to make him a hat so that he can attract the attention of God, but his hat is hit by lightning as he dances in the middle of the forest.Unusual for a sitcom, there were no episodes focused around a major holiday (i.e.Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween); partially due to Damon Wayans being raised as a Jehovah's Witness.

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Mainly that Parker is not a single mother or a bisexual.

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