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Pursuing a girl is much more complex than the hunter and the hunted in the wild.

I didn't have much success with making a connection with your mom at that meeting, and I was kind of despondent. There are so many things that go into making up a very complicated relationship, and an enduring one, but I had a certainty. I felt like he was one of the few boys I could actually be myself with.

The key to women, the key to being surrounded by women, the key to being the envy of all your friends, and the key to being a Don Juan... Confident Persistence (CP) consists of deciding what you want, and going for it...

She wasn't, actually, very interested in him when they first met. It was months, maybe even years, before she finally cracked. Does he not get put in the doable or dontable category immediately? The very core of becoming the kind of ladies man you've always wanted to be.

Aggressiveness—like a hunter..someone who is more like a soldier: stoic?

Here are some examples of persistence that I have seen fail right before my eyes: My friend met a guy out and gave it a shot with him, and decided she wasn't attracted to him.

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CP is not an excuse for you to continue pursuing a woman that you're crazy about, but who knows you pretty well, and has no interest in you.

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