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"You want to have some security as an actor," he said."I'm a certain age now and there's a certain meat on the bone history of life that you can use within a role like this." Brosnan plays Eli Mc Cullough, the main character in the series, which he describes as more of a historical drama than a western.

She looks incredibly attractive in the film, I say. It just becomes this lustfulness of yearning and want.

One morning last summer, Pierce Brosnan woke up alone and miserable in a hotel room in Serbia, and realised he was 60.

“My wife had given me a great birthday party the night before in Malibu,” he says, “and sent me off with all my birthday cards and said, you must put them all up, which I dutifully did when I got in.

But before the show's debut, he has already been facing criticism for his sometimes inconsistent Texan drawl.

"The accent was a challenge," he admitted, calling it "mildly daunting" because he had jumped in "at the eleventh hour" to replace 's Sam Neill, who was originally cast in the role but dropped out.

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