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The language does not reflect my own views, but is necessary for the story. The day I officially become an adult, and a college freshman. In fact I'm carrying (okay, dragging) my last box into the room right now. She looked sad; she promised that she wouldn't cry more times than I could count, but looked like she was about to break that promise. This story is completely fictional, and any relation to real events is purely coincidental. Of course, the room is so small that I only had room for a couple boxes worth of things anyway, so moving was pretty easy. At least half a dozen Wiki Leaks staffers have tendered their resignations in recent weeks, the most prominent of them being Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who, under the name Daniel Schmitt, served as Wiki Leaks' German spokesman.Domscheit-Berg learned about Assange's agreements with a number of media outlets last month, but did not know the details or when the documents were scheduled to be released.While some guys swear they’ve had the hottest sex ever in Pattaya with a ladyboy, others might have been robbed by a gang of as the local she-males and transvestites are called in Thai) are a common feature of everyday life in Thailand.Thanks to the tolerant nature of Buddhist culture, ladyboys – just like gays – are far more visible and accepted in Thai society than transvestites or transsexuals in Western countries.The movie fictitiously shows them sitting in a room together, although in "reality," they are at their computers.Teen suicide is an issue, and a few brief but disturbing examples are shown: a hanging, jumping from a window, and wrist-cutting.

Sex is referred to in graphic terms, though little is actually shown.

Next time you see this retch-inducing display online, let them know what they should do!

John: Oh baby, you look so hot O_OLisa: Aw Ww, thanks smoochems!

One of the teens takes medication ("Prolexia") for depression, and another teen is shown briefly with a glass of wine. What are the advantages and disadvantages of chatrooms versus real life?

The movie is not very deep, but it should plant some interesting seeds of discussion within thoughtful teen viewers. No role models here, and no one to emulate or look up to, but teens may find themselves identifying in some ways with the confused teens in the movie.

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When he quizzed Assange in an online chat, Assange responded by accusing Domscheit-Berg of leaking information about discontent within Wiki Leaks to a columnist for .

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