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At this moment, there is only disk usage summary by domains.It would be great, if we could check the disk usage by folders. Select the domain for which you need to recalculate the actual disk space used by mailboxes.4. Select the email account and click "Refresh Usage Stats".

If you are finding that the diskspace is low on your server, where Plesk Panel is installed, it would be suggested to check the following locations on the server (via SSH/command line) to see how the diskspace is being used currently and to determine if there is an issue in one (or more) specific locations.I have gotten a message saying I am taking up to much space on the server. I deleted almost 500MB of files not being used and I still am getting the same error in Plesk.I know that a reconfiguration in server should be resolve this. Thanks in advance Plesk is updating the disk usages stat through file.If it is a case where you find a build of logs, this can indicate an issue with the respective services and you would need to investigate the logs to determine the cause.The System Logs can be found at the following location: The following article can offer more information in relation to Plesk and Service related logs and paths to the same - it is also a useful reference for when you are troubleshooting other issues on the server: Run this on specific directories, where it will give you an overall figure of usage: du -hs Directory Name Run this (within) respective directories, where this will give you a breakdown of usage: find . -type d -exec du -hs -BM \; | sort -n -k1 If you have any further queries on any of this, or are unable to find the source of the increased diskspace usage, please email [email protected], with your Cloud VM details, while ensuring your email comes from a listed admin's email account i.e.

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