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Since most workplaces unfortunately don’t offer that level of flexibility, more and more talented women are leaving the workplace and setting up shop for themselves.For Jo right now that means late nights spent at the sewing machine but the dream is being able to focus on creating awesome kids clothes full time.

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Link to other words: and that, too, as well as: not heard before 1975 seen as a more acceptable word for sex (informal) it reflects societies changing attitude towards sex. Links to other words could be; shag, bang or chopped.: original meaning – meat from a cow but nowadays teenagers commonly use the term to describe a problem with another person as most insults become over used or clichéd after a while.

Links to other words could be; stress, mood or issue.: original meaning – making a loud noise, but now most music that is current and cool could be described as a “bangin’ tune” or “banging” being used a description of sex without being to explicit.

Not to mention the absurdity of the producing babies and working. Modern life brings with it a set of unnatural needs, such as outsourcing the care of your precious offspring to a stranger (or group of strangers).

Think about it: we produce offspring (no easy task! Add to that the enormous cost of child care and things can get super stressful (living on a commune doesn’t sound so bad, aye? For parents with infants and toddlers, child care is often the biggest expense after housing.

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Their paths cross and they find themselves needing each other more than they have ever needed anyone. Erin has life she always wanted, she works in one of the most elite police units in New York, she has a beautiful daughter, and she's married to a dashing firefighter. But how long into the mission can Erin and Jay keep things professional and feeling collide? Years later when he discovers the truth he needs to find a way to fix things and make his family whole.

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