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Even our own senior news editor Sally Holmes has tried to rustle up a pair of famous suitors for herself and her main hang (emoji-laden evidence below): And she's not the only one. " Others, however, are less optimistic about the arrangement's longevity: "The Quatz makes pretty good sense out of the gate, especially in scenarios where no one's looking for anything megaserious, or when one of the couples needs a little helping along," says ELLE.com's Resident Bro. A Quatz is best backed-into via two couples becoming collective besties, not through besties becoming couples." He may be on to something: My own South Beach situation fizzled shortly after Labor Day.

episode, Mariah Huq made some salacious claims about Quad Webb-Lunceford to Lisa Nicole Cloud.

After this review, we selected 5 ideas to storyboard and take back into the field for in-context needs validation.

This process revealed 1 idea, the Quad Challenge, as the best idea to fully develop for a video sketch.

Mariah also claimed that she helped Quad get a good job and connections in Atlanta’s medical community.

These tests DO NOT diagnose a problem; they only signal that further testing should be done.

The quad screen test involves drawing blood from the mother, which takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

A handful of the concepts recieved the majority of the votes.

We also recieved the feedback that several of the ideas were so similar that they should be combined.

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