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Then, one glorious future day as our text promises, we shall "appear with him in glory." The Creator of Life First, however, we need to recognize that Christ is, indeed, the Creator of life.

How foolish it would be for the men and women whom He has created to reject or ignore the very One who is giving them life every day of their lives.When finely divided, it can react with cold water; in air, uranium metal becomes coated with uranium oxide.Uranium in ores can be extracted and chemically converted into uranium dioxide or other chemical forms usable in industry.Thus, basaltic magmas tend to be fairly fluid (low viscosity), but their viscosity is still 10,000 to 100,0000 times more viscous than water.Rhyolitic magmas tend to have even higher viscosity, ranging between 1 million and 100 million times more viscous than water.

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