Red flags when dating someone

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Unless this person has had a good amount of therapy and personal growth since the last relationship, a series of broken relationships or marriages may indicate that he or she doesn't know how to have a loving relationship. The person was abused as a child and has not had therapy or done sufficient inner healing work. Without an openness to learning about themselves and you when there is conflict, there is no way to resolve conflict. The person participates in addictions that are unacceptable to you -- smoking, drinking, drugs, addictive eating, gambling, TV and so on.Or they play "rescuer" and take up with women who are little, fragile dolls who need to be 'taken care of' and they say things like "She needs me, she's so fragile. The sad thing is, that the men/women who CAN change, do it on their own. They take time off from relationships, and work on their relationship with themselves.The can demonstrate REAL work and real change, rather than platitudes.The men/women who go from relationship to relationship, (often leaving one partner for another) are NOT going to get past their issues.And the sad thing is that far too many men, despite their loud and protesting denials, really just want another mother.

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(I wish I were kidding.) This is a serious red flag (showing no respect for boundaries) and you need to walk the other direction when you see it early in a dating relationship.

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