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Police said they had not immediately determined the identity of the two gunmen or whether they were linked to critics of the event Just before the shooting, a Twitter account using the name "Sharia is Light" posted about an impending attack on Texas, tweeting: “May Allah accept us as mujahideen [holy warriors]” alongside the hashtag #Texasattack.

The contest, which was offering a top prize of ,000 (£6,000), had received about 350 entries depicting Muhammad.

The PVIL, which began in 1920, served as the governing body for Texas' African American high schools until 1970 when the University Interscholastic League (UIL) assumed the role. Former PVIL high schools, athletic participants and coaches donated the exhibit items.

"In a lot of past cases when a school closed down trophies and other items got discarded," Roby said.

Roby says DNA from a son and several half-siblings could confirm Osama’s identity with 99.9 per cent accuracy.

If, however, the government was able to obtain DNA from bin Laden’s body, his son and also that son’s biological mother – who might have been at the compound during the raid, it could perform DNA profiling with a “full paternity trio”, assuring 99.9 per cent accuracy, Roby says.

Note on the data below: donations include contributions from corporations in the telecom industry and employees of those corporations (individual and non-individual contributions).

Prairie View Aand M University did not have the resources at the time.

Roby is a city in and the county seat of Fisher County, Texas, United States. Roby is the home of Steve Carriker, a Democratic former member of both houses of the Texas State Legislature.

Republicans in Congress just voted to reverse a landmark FCC privacy rule that opens the door for ISPs to sell customer data.

Lawmakers provided no credible reason for this being in the interest of Americans, except for vague platitudes about “consumer choice” and “free markets,” as if consumers at the mercy of their local internet monopoly are craving to have their web history quietly sold to marketers and any other third party willing to pay.

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