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She once shared with me that she’d had a relationship with Henry Rollins.I just pounced on that; I thought it was hilarious.I was in England with Black Flag, getting ready to start a European tour, and I went to Bristol, I think, to see the Bad Seeds play. So I'd get together with him after band practice and hang out with him, and we've kept in touch since then. But that means when I do run into him, it's really great to see him. Nick has gone to a few areas that I'll never go to, but to me that's not a reason for liking or not liking somebody. I think you probably live longer if you don't mess around with things, but Nick is an adult. Over the years, he's broadened himself as an artist, and he's turned himself into a really good man.I see Nick about once a year, which is about as much as I see anybody I don't work with. He's an excellent human and I love him a lot and that's the bottom line. He loves his kid, and, man, when you saw him on stage with the Birthday Party you would never think he could be a father. It's really cool to see Nick be a good dad, and be wrapped up in his son. I think he's a much more complex character than I am.I’d met Mötley Crüe when I was 13-years-old and on the day when we went out into the desert to film the scene I was sitting there with a framed photo of me and Nikki from 1987, when I met the band when I was a kid.I was snorting line after line of cocaine off this picture frame, which I did quite regularly, and I was all fucked up on coke.

Print copies of Honors Program Theses dating prior to 2014 are available in the Rollins College Archives, and can be found through Olin Library's online catalog: This young man's talent has brought him fame and recognition, and no wonder his fans want to know about his personal life.Everyone agrees he is a brave man with a gush of talent, but what everyone doesn't seem to know is about his dating life.The most important question to me was, “Did he grunt when he was having sex with you? I then went on with her in early 2002 and it was an outrageous appearance. particularly cocaine, but also a lot of ketamine too.I was telling Howard Stern about Rollins’ relationship with this girl and kind of making light of it all. Now, when we had the idea for the ‘Off-Road Tattoo’ skit in the first movie [2002], it was supposed to be Nikki Sixx from Mötley Crüe driving the Hummer.

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