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Yoga-loving Yasmin is keen on spirituality and once appeared in Vogue with her ‘healer’.The Any Questions host, who has two young children with second wife, Jessica Ray, 40, says: ‘It’s exciting.The news swarmed in the social sites and national television indicating a black mark in the career of the actor.Caption: Nick Clark and Gloria as a couple in the "Fear the Walking Dead" (2016).If you have been a crazy fan of Harry Potter movie and familiar with the characters of the series as the name of your cousins, then you are aware of the role of Tom Riddle portrayed by actor Frank Dillane.Recently surfaced in the news for getting arrested, actor Dillane seems to be a bit baffled, but the question is, has he allowed the speculation affect his dating and professional career?

The “ Prince of Blood" actor got straightly arrested after he was caught bragging the security point of CBS ground without showing the credentials and further got into trouble after a fight with the security guard of CBS in Los Angeles.

The battle between the two is described by Horatio in Act One, Scene One (I,i) of the play.

Although Fortinbras makes only two brief appearances in the latter half of the play, he is referred to throughout: King Claudius sends ambassadors to Norway in the hopes of staving off his invasion, and they return with the news that Fortinbras will attack Poland but leave Denmark alone.

Although the on-screen couple got spotted in numerous events, there isn't a slight hint of them dating each other, and while rummaging his dating history, he is reported to be possibly single.

Frank has always presented himself as a single man in the media even in his interview he has only spoken about his character and his experience while making the series of "Fear the Walking Dead: Spine." In an interview taken by ET online in the previous year, Frank only spoke about his character in the sequel of " Fear the Walking Date: Spine" where he faintly talked about his character and nervousness while working in it.

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Accidentally catching him on film, they become locked in a life-or-death chase for their lives through the mountains that includes skiing, snowboarding, sky diving, white water rafting, helicopters, motorcycles and base jumping.

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