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For example, a serial number starting with AA means it was made in January 1965, BA corresponds to February 1965, CC corresponds to March 1967, and so on. Distinguish Le Tour or Super Le Tour Schwinn models by looking for the "S" in front of the serial number. The serial numbers will have a letter in the second position representing the month it was produced, and a number in the third position representing the year. Take the date of production gathered from the serial number, the model printed on the bike itself, and the overall visual design and compare it to a Schwinn pricing table like that found at Old Old will provide some information about Schwinn bikes and pictures of them. Do a quick search online at sites like e or Schwinn to find other photos of that particular bike model to compare to the bike your interested in.Information Perfect for the city or local streets, the Schwinn Gambit Road Bike is a classic single speed with a lot of style and attitude.Something can always be said for the sake of simplicity.Here's a chance to buy one for yourself as an investment while the price is still affordable. 100% muscle bike -- The new Schwinn Sting-Ray is an exciting, chopper-style ride. It all started in a little chop shop near Madison, WI.Or get one for your kid so he or she can have the coolest ride in the neighborhood. Built with customized parts -- like the Big Boa Rear Tire and signature V-back Handlebars -- it's no wonder Schwinn Sting-Rays are endorsed by Orange County Choppers. A couple of Schwinn engineers had a vision for a revolutionary bike.Schwinn, however, does not have a huge classic bike index to compare older models with.

A few of the bikes were purchased by me, or for me, new, including the brown 1971 Schwinn Super Sport, the Trek 750, the Univega 700FS, and the Trek 850 (for one of my sons).

The geometry is comfortable, placing you an a more upright position than a traditional drop bar road bike, so that you have a better field of vision, and overall body comfort.

A big part of having a great single speed bike is having the freedom to run fixed or free.

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