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From executive producer Eli Roth the Netflix original series Hemlock Grove returns July 11th for a second season that promises more blood, guts and betrayal. From what we’ve heard it’s got more gore, more blood and more explosions. That sound a little more intense than what we saw in the first Season where we had kind of a lone wolf attacking people out of the blue.

The supernatural thriller centers on the mysterious happenings of a small Pennsylvania town where vampires, werewolves, and genetically engineered Frankenstein monsters roam the streets side by side. LIBOIRON: Yeah, it’s definitely more action packed.

Like werewolves, you can go into Create a Sim and make a fairy right from the start.

During the interview Jason explained why he was attracted to the role, what it was like to work with Stan Winston, what he has coming up and a lot more.

If you’re a fan of Jason’s you’ll dig the interview. I’m doing all these sorts of things that I’ve always wanted to do I think as a kid and then as an actor.

That group has revived Ealing and are making movies.

She introduced me to him and he said, “John Landis? ” And I said, “Yes.” And he said, “Oh, I have a script. ” So, he gave me the script and I was very taken with how perverted the notion is.

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