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The Republic of Serbia is a multiparty parliamentary democracy with approximately 7.5 million inhabitants.

Observers considered both elections to be mostly in line with international standards. During the year the following human rights problems were reported: physical mistreatment of detainees by police; inefficient and lengthy trials; harassment of journalists, human rights advocates, and others critical of the government; limitations on freedom of speech and religion; lack of durable solutions for large numbers of internally displaced persons (IDPs); corruption in legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government including police; government failure to apprehend the two remaining fugitive war crimes suspects under indictment of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY); societal violence against women and children; societal violence and discrimination against minorities, particularly Roma and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) population; and trafficking in persons.

One significant human rights achievement was marked at the October 10 Pride Parade, when the government affirmed the freedom of assembly of the LGBT community.

Further lobbying shall be carried out in TV and radio programs, press releases and interviews in which appeals for cessation of homophobia will be made so as to sensitize the public opinion regarding the rights of sexual minorities in Serbia.

This part of the project requires technical support (i.e.

Εγγράψου στο,και κάθε δυο εβδομάδες θα έχεις την ευκαιρία να είσαι εσύ ο τυχερός που θα περάσει μια αξέχαστη βραδιά με ένα όμορφο μοντέλο!

Both Roman and Ivan say that any perceived changes in Serbia are just "cosmetic".

They're also skeptical about what someone like Ana Brnabič can do because the lesbian community in Serbia faces a double stigma – based on gender and sexuality.

a computer, a modem, a telefax), seeing that it is to be carried out by groups who have non of the above; also needed are fees for translators or reports an the monthly honorarium to the project secretary who is to coordinate activities between Humanitarian Law Center, ARKADIJA and European Youth Association of Serbia; lobby the media, arrange meetings an perform all necessary clerical work such as typing in of texts, proof-reading and copy editing of reports and bulletins etc. The third part of the project comprises legal actions against the most pronounced forms of homophobia.

The partners in the Campaign Against Homophobia will sue those media and individuals who propagate homophobia publicly.

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